Applications of Chemistry

    Chemistry has many, many applications and important roles in everyone’s lives. During my studies in Chemistry I have been able to look closely at three applications that we can see and experience throughout out every day lives. The first was on airbags and how chemical reactions are used to cause instant inflation to the airbag and the lives of the driver and passengers are saved. Another example of how chemistry is used in the world is an oxyacetylene torch. An oxyacetylene torch or oxy torch is a process that uses fuel gases and oxygen to weld and cut metals. This chemical reaction produces a high temperature but precise flame.  Lastly, chemical reactions can be used to ripen and/or preserve fruit while being transported around the United States or even around the world. Fruit producers do this so that a fruit in demand will be available to the cities and counties who do not produce them.


Skills and objectives

Chemistry Skills 
Identify basic parts of a chemical equation 

 Write a word equation 

 Write a skeleton equation Understand the Rules for balancing equations
 Balance a skeleton equation

 Write word equations as balanced chemical equations 

 Identify a Combination/synthesis reaction 

 Identify a Decomposition reaction 

 Identify a Single-Replacement reaction
 Identify a Double-Replacement reaction
 Identify a Combustion reaction 

Research and learn about chemical reactions used in catalytic converters, airbags, and oxyacetlyene torches.


Understanding these applications really helped me value how chemistry is used in everyday life. I appreciate how chemistry is used to make thing hotter, cleaning the air, and/or persevering products.