Civil Engineering Applications of the Quadratic Function

    This project was given to further my knowlege about Quadratic Functions. It gives four problems, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Arch of the Gateshead Millennium, Golden Gate Bridge, and Arch of Sydney Harbor Bridge. In each of these problems I had to find the height and length of some part of the bridge. For the Tacoma Narrows Bridge I had to find the distance apart, in feet, of two towers on the bridge, for the Arch of the Gateshead Milennium bridge I had to find the width of the arch in meters, thirdly for the the Golden Gate Bridge I had to find the height, at it's lowest point, of the cable above the road, and finally for the Arch of Sydney Harbor Bridge I had to find the height, in meters, of the highest part of the arc from the ground up.
Civil Engineering Applications of the Quadratic Function
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Algebra II
Apply proper use of orders of operations

Rewrite formulas and equations

Evaluate formulas and equations

Use problem solving strategies and model

Use a function in real life

Find maximum and minimum values

Write quadratic functions and models

Solve quadratic equations


    Even though there are not very many skills listed, I used them numerous times during the complestion of the worksheet. Several of the problems required me to find the vertex, so that I could find the distance or the height. Also, one problem, the last problem, required me to use the quadratic equation to find the "right" number. This helped me by providing me with enough information to find the other point.