Company Report/Teams Training- Technical Report for SMI-Aerospace

    Teams Training is a two day session in which I learned the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) method. The PDSA method is used for ongoing improvement of almost anything. In this case we used this method to help solve/ identify a problem at a host company. This method helps teams throughaly analyze and think critically about the problem at hand.
        Plan Develop a plan for improving quality at a process 
        Do Execute the plan, first on a small scale 
Evaluate feedback to confirm or to adjust the plan 
Make the plan permanent or study the adjustments
My host company was Skilled Manufacturing Inc. (SMI).

    My experience at SMI was very educating. One thing I learned, that everybody should know, is to never make any assumptions as to why the problem or situation is occuring. This can lead you off track and the root cause will be hard to identify. Also, I learned that in companies, if not worded correctly, asking certain questions can make people defensive. This then leads less questions answered and one less resource needed to solve the situation. Lastly, professionalism in a company is a must. If the employees are not professional about the cloths they wear and the way they act around customers, the company could lose the business of that costumer. Less business, euqals less money. Less money, could mean the company has to shut down, which means less jobs.
    The technical report (pdf files below) was sent to SMI
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Company Report
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The English skills I used are:
·         Proof read to check spelling, layout, and font; and prepare selected pieces for a public audience.

·         Participate collaboratively and productively in groups (e.g., response groups, workteams, discussion groups, and committees)—fulfilling roles and responsibilities, posing relevant questions, giving and following instructions, acknowledging and building on ideas and contributions of others to answer questions or to solve problems, and offering dissent courteously.

·         Reorganize sentence elements as needed and choose grammatical and stylistic options that provide sentence variety, fluency, and flow.

·         Revise drafts to more fully and /or precisely convey meaning —drawing on response from others, self-reflection, and reading one’s own work with the eye of a reader; then refine the text—deleting and/ or reorganizing ideas, and addressing potential readers’ questions.

The Empoyability skills I used are:
·         Identify and define problems/issues

·         Generate & select from alternative strategies to solve problems

·         Make informed decisions

·         Display punctuality and regular attendance

·         Complete tasks on time and meet deadlines

·         Take care of materials & equipment; respect the property of others

·         Work without close supervision


I chose this for my portfolio because the experience and knowledge gained for this is important to my future. Also, I used many skills during and after the training and days at SMI