Complex Numbers in Real Life- Electricity

    This project is about complex numbers and how they could be used in real life. This gave examples of series circuits and parallel circuits, then asked for the impedance of the circuits, which were measured in ohms. For the parallel circuits, the worksheet gave a formula that is used to find the impedance of a parallel circuit. To Find the impedance I had to apply what I knew about complex numbers.
Complex Numbers in Real Life- Electricity
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Algebra II skills I used are:

·         Find the complex conjugate

·         Multiply and Divide Complex Numbers

·         Simplify complex numbers

·         Rationalize denominators of fractions with radicals

·         Use complex numbers in real life

·         Perform operations with complex numbers


    I chose this worksheet because it shows the skills I have received throughout my first semester of my junior year. In order to find the right answer and be able to put into standard form I had to multiply and divide complex numbers, and most definatly have to know how to rationalize the denomenator.