Relation to Industry: Related Summary

    For this essay I was told to find an artical that has a relation to the technology rotation I was starting; automated material handling. I was to read the artical, point out specifics that relate to my rotation, and underline them. Then, I was to go through the artical and find words, acronyms, and phrases that I did not understand, and define them. When I was finished I was to summerize the artical and explain how it related to my technology rotation. (PDF file below) The magazine that I got my artical from is called Assembly. The artical's name is "Robotics Parts Feeding"
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Skills used

    In doing the summery of the magazine I used many skills. Those i have use I have listed below.
English skills

·         Select and use language that is appropriate (e.g., formal, informal, literary, or technical) for the purpose, audience, and context of the text, speech, or visual representation (e.g., letter to editor, proposal, poem, or digital story).

·         Compose written, spoken, and/or multimedia compositions in a range of genres (e.g., personal narrative, biography, poem, fiction, drama, creative nonfiction, summary, literary analysis essay, research report, or work related text): pieces that’ serve a variety of purposes (e.g., expressive, informative, creative, and persuasive) and that use a variety of organizational patterns (e.g., autobiography, free verse, dialogue, comparison/contrast, definition, or cause and effect).

·         Use speaking, writing, and visual presentations to appeal to audiences of different social, economic, and cultural backgrounds and experiences (e.g., include explanations and definitions according to the audience’s background, age, or knowledge of the topic; adjust formality of style; consider interests of potential

·         Interpret, synthesize, and evaluate information/findings in various print sources and media (e.g., fact and opinion, comprehensiveness of the evidence, bias, varied perspectives, motives and credibility of the author, date of publication) to draw conclusions and implications.

·         Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words,specialized vocabulary, figurative language, idiomatic expressions, and technical meanings of terms through context clues, word roots and affixes, and the use of appropriate resource materials such as print and electronic

·         Demonstrate understanding of written, spoken, or visual information by restating, paraphrasing, summarizing, critiquing, or composing a personal response; distinguish between a summary and a critique.


    The essay I wrote on the relation to industry is the exact evidence needed. It shows how I identified the relation to my rotation, summerized the artical, defined, and researched unfamiliar words.