Design Proceses: Building a Balsa wood bridge. (Prince Teddy)

    For design processes my partner and I were instructed to build a bridge that had to span a distance of 10 inches. We were given one bottle of tacky craft glue and 15 pieces of Balsa wood, that were 24 inches each. However, before we could begin building the bridge we had to model the bridge in SolidWorks and creat blueprints for it.(PDF file below) After we built the model in SolidWorks, created and printed the blueprints, my partner and I began the building process. When the bridge was built we then were able to test our design.


While builing, modeling, and designing the Balsa wood bridges I used many skills, which i have liste below.
·         Creating a base feature

·         Modifying features (adding fillets, changing dimensions)

·         Adding parts to an assembly

·         Moving and rotating components in an assembly

·         Inserting standard views of a part model

·         Printing the drawing


    I have chosen my bridge design as my evidence supporting the skills I have used because during the design of the bridge in SoldWorks, I had to add several parts to the assembly to build the trusses. In order for all the parts to fit together I had to change dimensions several times and in order to see the mates of the two pieces I would have to rotate the screen. Also, I had to put three views into the blueprints, and I had to print out the blueprints.

Before weight is applied

Bridge with no weight.
Weight of bridge: 17.91   g


During weight application

The sand is slowly being added until...

Broken Bridge

The bridge EXPLODES into pieces!

End result: The bridge held 38.5 lbs and 2.15 pounds per gram