Puple Robot

    This technology rotation was probably the most excitingfor me. I began by taking a couple minuets getting use to which buttons on the program did what. Then, I learned to program it by following practice codes. After that I was told "Now make it sort blocks." There two different types of blocls; blocks with holes and block with out holes. Ihad to create a program that would allow me to sort blocks with holes from the block without.
    When programming a point I had to make sure I did not just go from point a to point b, I had to go from point a to point b to point c. When progamming an automated arm you have to consider manuvering around object or the arm will crash into it.


Depco Robot Flexible Manufacturing Systems- Robot-Mill Integration

Robot Operation, Programming and Integration


I chose this project because it shows the code that commands the robot to move to certain points and shows the entire process in plain english (Flow Chart).