The reason I chose to put this in my portfolio is to inform others about the National Robotics Challenge (NRC). The event that I participated in is the Light Weight Sumo Robot competition. In this challenge the team builds a robot that will push other robots out of the ring. The robot must be under a certain weight, must be a certain height and width.
    In preparation for this competition I helped out with several small projects. One project I helped with was labeling batteries to help keep and organized system. The system was created because in previous years there were troubles with knowing which batteries were charged, dead, or partially charged. Along with that I helped another student assemble an organized battery cart (shown below).
    Another project I helped out with was making the coat racks. The coat racks were made for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). FRC is a competition that students all over the United States participate in. This was done by first designing it/ brainstorming ideas. Then the materials were gathered and measured. The materials consisted of PVC Pipe, nuts and bolts.  There are two coat racks one is taller than the other and each rack has at minimum of six hooks.
     Technology skills

·         identify common shop hazards, personal safety- eye, foot, ear, dust & fumes, clothing, hair, jewelry, lifting, horseplay
·         identify and use common shop safety equipment - equipment- compressed air, fire extinguishers, electrical, machinery

Fundamental principles of manufacturing
·         Keep the duty station clean and safe for work
·         Locate, understand, and interpret written technical and non-technical information in documents commonly found in industry
·         Communicate technical and non-technical information in writing
·         Communicate technical and non-technical information through oral communication
·         Use active listening skills in comprehending simple technical an non-technical verbal information
·         Exposure to Project Management

    English skills
·         Reflect on personal understanding of reading, listening, and viewing; set personal learning goals; and take responsibility for personal growth.
·         Participate as an active member of a reading, listening, and viewing community, collaboratively selecting materials to read or events to view and enjoy (e.g., book talks, literature circles, film clubs).
·         Use writing, speaking, and visual expression to develop powerful, creative and critical messages.

     Employability skills
·         Schedule time to meet task/project deadlines
·         Prioritize work
·         Identify and define problems/issues
·         Generate & select from alternative strategies to solve problems
·         Display punctuality and regular attendance
·         Take care of materials & equipment; respect the property of others
·         Work without close supervision
·         Evaluate and monitor personal performance
·         Exhibit good work ethic
·         Respect rights and property of others
Set realistic goals and plan to achieve them
I chose these skills because in order to do these items I had to use and/or learn new ones to complete the task. Each object done shows how I applied my skills and gained new ones.