SolidWorks Model: An Indium Atom

    After, I have completed the research on the Indium atom I begin to build the model. The model must have the number of neutrons, protons, and electrons required for that atom. Each energy level must be a different color so the overlapping sublevels can be seen. Each sublevel needs the correct number of paired or unpaired electrons.
    Indium's atomic number is 49, so the atom has 49 protons, 66 neutrons, and 49 electrons. The 49 electrons are distributed between 5 energy levels.
This is a model of an Indium atom. It shows all of the energy rings and the overlaping sublevels.
Each energy level has a cooresponding color and each atomic partical has a cooresponding color as well. This legand will help you identify them


For this worksheet I used a mixture of Chemistry skills and SolidWorks skills
Chemistry Skills

·         Distinguish among principal energy level, energy sublevel, and atomic orbital

·         Apply the Aufbau principle, the Pauli exclusion principle, and Hund's rule to write the           electron configurations of the elements
·         Distinguish between metals, nonmetals, metalloids

·         Distinguish between a group and a period.
Design processes

·         Adding parts to an assembly
This picture shows the nucleus(clear sphere). Indium has 49 Protons (Small grey) and 66 Neutrons(Dark Green) and the the lime green spheres are electrons


    I chose this project because I had to use all of the skills listed to research and create this atom model. Also, I chose this project to show my knowledge on electron orbital filling diagrams. 
    Skills such as adding parts to an assembly can help me later, not only to help me further my Chemistry knowldge, but help me become more familiar with SolidWorks.
This picture shows how the energy levels over lap. (Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Black...ect.)